Meet Michelle

I'm Michelle of Bloom Photography and I'm allergic to all things that are boring! My style includes a mix of classic, urban and photojournalistic style of portraiture. Imagine seeing you and your family as they really are.....interacting, laughing and being themselves in a completely relaxed and fun atmosphere in the beautiful outdoors.  The other part of me enjoys going the more personal route--in your home. I don't like fountains, waterfalls, parks or golf courses. Please don't ask me to go to a location that has any of those. I'm pretty much down for anything else. Every picture is unique and I want your location and your pictures to be special, fun and completely represent you. I am available for travel worldwide.


A handful of places you may have seen me published on.


Mexican food

the beach

French Vanilla coffee

the sound of my kids goofing around

Scentsy products

friends who just get you so well

mint and chocolate chip ice cream

my daughter's eyelashes

laughing uncontrollably

fake mustaches

the smell of rain

peanut M&M's

Frida Kahlo's art

80's music

flip flops

hummus <-- it's yummus

big breakfasts

neon post-it notes

collecting "Got Milk?" ads

colorful scarves


everything about Hawaii

the Marx Brothers skits

my husband's hands

writing from the heart

taking YOUR picture!

A few of my favorite things, but you might notice a trend. : )